Prepaid Cards That Can Be Used Anywhere In The World

PACE Credit Union has been a leading issuer of Visa and Mastercard prepaid payment cards in Canada since 2006. Among other sources, PACE prepaid cards are sold through major national chains and can be used anywhere in the world where Visa and Mastercard cards are accepted. 

Instead of dealing with the the inconvenience of producing cheques or using cash, prepaid cards allow organizations to make distributions directly to employees and customers. Prepaid cards are also a perfect medium for payroll, incentives, commissions, rebates, and business expense distributions. 


PACE offers bank identification number (BIN) sponsorships to Program Managers to rapidly develop and deploy specialized card programs, tailored to specific needs in target markets. We offer both retail and commercial BIN's, thus enabling B2B and B2C payment offerings.


Who Is PACE Credit Union?

A proud history of offering Canadians a better way to bank.

PACE Credit Union can trace its roots back to the Farmunited Credit Union which began in 1940.  PACE began as a credit union for employees of the Peel Region and the name PACE is an acronym for Peel Region and Co-op Employees. Over the years, PACE has grown through the amalgamation of a number of smaller credit unions, enabling more to be done for members as one large credit union.

At PACE we exist to meet the needs of our members, not to make profit from them. Credit unions, also known as co-operative banks, offer an alternative to traditional banks. Traditional banks exist to make profit for their shareholders and their success is measured by the amount of profit they can generate from their customers. A co-operative bank on the other hand, is owned by its members and has no mandate to make profit. In fact, any profit that is realized is shared equally among the members/owners of the co-operative bank.  


Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I work with PACE?

PACE offers a BIN sponsorship model to issue prepaid and credit cards and has certified several third party processors. These payments processors can support re-loadable, non-reloadable, virtual, and chip card programs.


How long has PACE been in the prepaid card market?
PACE has been in business since 1940. PACE has been offering prepaid card issuing services to Program Managers since 2006.


What is the first step in moving forward with a prepaid card program with PACE?

Please contact us to discuss your business opportunity. We will then complete our business assessment and analyze the business case to review your proposal and assist with your project (